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A visual divider is a layout element that helps to separate pieces of content into clear groups, sections, options or parts. This way it helps a designer to organize the page according to the typical patterns of visual perception and make the layout clearer and more digestible for users.

Together with other elements on the page, dividers play a great role in setting up solid visual hierarchy. For example, with them, users can easier define the relations of content, like if the pieces of content are the same, similar, or related; if any of them is subordinate to the others, etc.

This set contains 50 custom article page dividers!

You can use these page dividers in your Medium stories, Substack newsletters, WordPress websites, Word documents, and much more!

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  • You'll get 50 custom page dividers (horizontal lines)

  • 50
    JPEG Files
  • You'll get 50 custom page dividers (horizontal lines)
  • 50JPEG Files


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