Medium Course: The Essential Guide for Medium Writers

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What is Medium?

Medium is one of the better known free blogging platforms. Writers are paid through the platform’s Medium Partner Program, which distributes money based on total article read time. The site is popular among bloggers because it is free for writers, requires no web design or technical expertise, and its posts are beautifully formatted.

Why Do I Need This Course?

While Medium makes publishing your writing very simple, making money from the Medium Partner Program can be quite challenging, simply because many writers do not understand how the platform works. Many writers quit or lose interest in Medium, not because they are bad writers or because they have nothing to say, but because they don't understand how to fully utilize Medium as a platform.

Course Outline

Part 1 - 158 Page eBook

eBook Chapters

  • Medium Overview
  • Creating Your Account
  • Medium Terminology
  • Medium Partner Program
  • Medium Curation
  • Medium Article Formatting
  • Medium Publications
  • Medium Writing Tips
  • Medium "Secret" Posts

Part 2 - 21 Videos on Medium Article Formatting

Common Sources of Frustration for new Medium Writers:

✘ Figuring out how to properly format articles and utilize Medium's platform tools and functions effectively.

✘ Determining the level of importance curation plays in Medium success (Hint: curation is not nearly as important as many writers think!).

✘ Struggling to build an engaged following if you are not already an established author or social media influencer.

This Course Will Help Anyone:

✓ Format their articles like a pro.

✓ Understand platform specific jargon and terminology.

✓ Increase their Medium Partner Program earnings.

✓ Build a following of actively engaged readers.

✓ Learn the tips and tricks that I have learned (through trial and error) quickly and efficiently.

Why Should I Purchase This Course?

While there are a few other Medium writing courses, most are outdated, inaccurate, and too expensive. This course is affordably priced and all content is 100% up-to-date. Future updates to course content are included for free!

  • I am the founder of Medium Blogging Guide, the premier publication for all things related to Medium.
  • I run the largest Medium Facebook Group
  • I write the award-winning newsletter Blogging Guide.
  • I have been interviewed as a subject matter expert on Medium in both videos and podcasts.
  • I have been a paid consultant advising Medium on platform changes which affect writers.
  • I have been curated in dozens of topics and am a platform top writer in many topics.

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber to the Blogging Guide Newsletter, select my other Medium course offering at the top of this page (Medium Course + Blogging Guide Newsletter Bundle) which offers a year subscription to the Blogging Guide Newsletter + the Medium Course at a steep discount!

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Medium Course: The Essential Guide for Medium Writers

21 ratings
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