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No Proof Class Action Lawsuit Curated Monthly Email List

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No Proof Class Action Lawsuit Curated Monthly Email List

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4 ratings

Are you looking to make hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars per year, spending only a few minutes per month filling out online forms? If so, you have come to the right place!

I run a monthly curated email list of no-proof class action lawsuits. That means that once per month, you will receive a list of all the no proof class action lawsuits that I spend hours each day hunting for.

It is usually very difficult for consumers to produce receipts for products potentially purchased years ago.

That is why I began aggregating and categorizing class action lawsuits that did not require proof. My hope was that consumers could not only receive payments they are rightfully entitled to but that we could help hold large corporations accountable for financial settlements that they agree to.

The value of this service is very simple-for just $5 per month or $50 per year, I will send you a list of all the no proof class action lawsuits I can find. I will also note the expected payout amount, when possible, to help you determine which settlements are most worth your time.


  • Sign up for my monthly list
  • Scan the list for products you have used
  • Apply for settlement funds (typically 2-4 minutes of effort, per application)
  • Receive checks in the mail when the settlement is finalized.

Note: It can take several months for many of these claims to payout. So you should expect at least a two month lag between your first settlement application and receiving a check in the mail.

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A monthly email with a list of no proof class action lawsuits that you can apply for


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